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Kauai Family Residence

Poipu | Kauai | Hawaii

This Kauai family home is one of three on a spectacular oceanfront property on the south side of Kauai. Two of the homes had previously been redesigned by a well renowned local architect, Ginny Latham, of Kauai Design & Architecture. However, the third home on the property remained almost untouched since its original construction 20 years prior. For this project, South & Home's interior designers were brought in to tackle a challenge: conduct a sophisticated remodel of the third home that fit in with the materials, textures and colors of its sibling homes on the property, while still giving the home its own unique character and personality. 

The main source of inspiration came from the client’s many pieces of furniture and collectibles which they had acquired over decades of travel around the world and from Hollywood prop houses. After handpicking the pieces that would be highlighted, South & Home's designers procured some new art, new light fixtures, as well as some new furniture pieces, and they also hired two paint crews to clean the slate - the walls, ceilings, built-ins, tile backsplashes, kitchen island and cabinetry all took on a fresh new look. By focusing on celebrating what the client previously had, the redesign did not replace, but rather reinterpreted elements to create a new beginning.

The clean canvas provided a fresh and bright feel to the space, keeping the look sophisticated but not cluttered. The space was completely refreshed primarily through rehabilitation, refinishing, and reupholstering much of the extant furnishings and décor. The result is a classic design that showcases a storied, worldly home while remaining in keeping with the rest of the homes on the property.

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