Omao Guest Ohana

Omao, Hawaii

South & Home was hired to redesign the existing guest quarters of a three-bedroom home built in 2007 in south Kauai. In addition to refreshing the overall space, the added challenge was executing space planning that could accommodate several purposes for the main room: it had to act as a guest “ohana” (family) living room, a workout space, and an office.


The view from the space overlooks the Omao Valley and out toward the ocean off Poipu, and is truly a sight to see. To keep the landscape as the focus, we selected a predominantly neutral color palette as the backdrop. And to add a bit of interest for the eye, layers of art, materials, textures, and patterns were added in both cool and warm tones. This helped to bring a unique, elegant, but grounded look to the space. 


The goal was to provide guests with an area that felt beautiful, cozy and serene. While creating a clean, sophisticated feel, it was important that the space not feel too fastidious, so, as much as possible, the details were rooted in island life. The art is a mix of fine art and prints from renowned local artists. Stripes, geometrics and mini-prints balance out the neutral tones. The result is a multi-purpose classic guest suite that has a timeless, island-living quality to the entire space.