Kauai Surf House

Poipu, Hawaii

This light-filled home in Poipu was redesigned to highlight this surf-loving client's desire for both comfort and a sense of place. Every chair, bed, sofa, porch swing, and daybed had to feel cozy, and Hawaii's beautiful environs, its surf and ocean culture, had to be the star of the show.

The property features an ocean view that’s ever changing with the weather and time of day - there’s no singular “ocean blue.” Drawing from those variations in palette, each space felt a little different from the next.


White painted shiplap walls and rattan helped to create an old Hawaii surf house theme. Layered patterns with fabrics and wallcoverings provided a playful, feet-up living ambiance that still felt modern. The wallpaper used in the guest bedroom is an ocean wave pattern illustrated in a Japanese style, which fit perfectly with the existing old Japanese Shoji doors in the house.


While ocean blues dominate the furnishings, warmer colors were brought in through vintage prints from the 1930s and golden-hour ocean and marine life photography from a well-known, Kauai-born surfer and photographer. We worked with a local woodworker to custom create a statement-making gallery wall of mounted surfboard fins. This home manages the perfect balance between casual, beachfront Hawaii and contemporary design.