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Koloa Commercial Office

Koloa | Kauai | Hawaii

South & Home was hired to redesign this commercial office space in Koloa, a space which needed an aesthetic boost that would impress their customers with professionalism, while still providing a warm, comforting welcome that reflected Hawaiian life. The entrance especially had to reflect the company’s brand, impressing upon their current and potential clients in subtle ways how they stood out from the competition.


We developed a vision that combined modern design with subtle island touches, focusing on uncluttered spaces with sleek lines and both organic and geometric forms. The earth tones set the visual language of lush tropical forests of high mountain Hawaii throughout the space. A mix of materials were used, including light and dark woods, metals, sustainable cork tiles, and felt-backed wood slats sound dampening panels (which have the added benefit of echo and sound reduction). A long wooden countertop provides both function and aesthetic appeal. All these elements, complemented by the client’s corporate colors, completed the design. 


This interior design project was also an opportunity to profile a really wonderful emerging artist in Hawaii. Fine art photography prints of fresh tropical florals and fruits were featured on the walls of the entrance and each work nook. The local artist is inspired by vintage Hawaiian quilts, and her work highlights this important aspect of Hawaiian culture.

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