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Poipu Vacation Condo

Poipu | Kauai | Hawaii

This Brookfield Homes condo project was a new build and South & Home was brought in to completely furnish the interiors. Work began not long after the COVID-19 outbreak, which presented two major challenges: a) designing the project without meeting the client in person and b) completing the interior installation with new health safety precautions and a sudden surge in home renovations, which created shortages in contract workers and materials. 


Aside from getting all the pieces here during a pandemic, the main challenge was to fully understand how the client imagined living in a space they had not yet stepped foot in.


The client loved contemporary coastal, and since the space was to be a vacation rental for families, we selected a minimalist look pared down to the most durable bare essentials. The primary goals were selecting materials that would be long-lasting and creating a space that would feel roomy, airy and not cluttered.


We developed a design that brought the beauty of Kauai’s natural outdoors inside. Design elements focused on natural wood furniture and woven materials. To maintain a contemporary look for the nature-inspired space, we sourced pieces with clean lines. As for color, the art, lighting, textiles and textures featured a fusion of warm and cool tones: teals, soft greys, subtle blues, sunset hues, and dashes of black. The result was a brand-new, fully-furnished vacation home on Kauai, worry-free.

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